February 1st thru April 10th 2019

Here's How We'll Play
  • Guest must be a  business owner, managing partner, c-level executive, or elite entrepreneur that qualifies for membership to The C-Level Group.

  • ​What qualifies a guest?​

    • Not a current member​

    • Hasn't visited since May 2017 (C-Level's new ownership)

    • Must be the owner, a managing partner, a c-level exec, or entrepreneur.

    • Their company should be at the mid 6 figures in annual revenue.

  • Cash prize is $10 times the total number of qualified guest that paid and attended a monthly luncheon on February 13th, March 13th, or April 10th.  Example:  If the total of new guests for those three months is 30, then 30 multiplied by $10 is $300. That will be the cash prize awarded to one winner.  If it's only 10 new guests then the prize is $100. 

  • When you bring a qualifying guest to a luncheon listed above, you'll receive a raffle ticket.  One raffle ticket for each guest every time you bring a new one. Only one ticket per guest.  If they return for all three luncheons, it's only one ticket.  One ticket per NEW guest.

  • Cash prize will be awarded at the May 8th luncheon.  

  • Bonus!  If that guest becomes a member, your next lunch is free.  

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